The Body’s Warning Signs: Part 1

People with chronic health conditions often focus on treating their symptoms. When they are relieved of symptoms, they naturally feel as if the condition is resolving. However, in order to fully heal from any condition, the root cause must be addressed.

Imagine the following scenario:

A warning light goes on in your new car and before you know it, your engine is overheating. You immediately stop driving and have the car towed to a local mechanic. They suggest you return to the dealership that sold you the car. After an hour at the dealership, the mechanic explains, “I took out the warning light and put a tape the opening, so it won’t bother you anymore.” But the problem isn’t really fixed; it’s just hidden! If you continue to drive the car, you’ll likely burn out the engine, which will cost a lot of money to fix.

We can apply this situation to the human body.

Your body continually sends you signs to warn you of a deeper health issue you shouldn’t ignore. Instead of addressing these signs, many people treat the symptoms. Some people even remove a body part hoping the issue will go away once the symptomatic organ or body part is removed. But removing a body part doesn’t pinpoint why the condition occurred in the first place. That’s just like taping over a car’s warning light.

Without a deeper appreciation and recognition of the body as a wholly integrated system of body, mind, and spirit, we will continue to treat symptoms as the root cause.

Without recognizing and addressing the body’s warning signs, real health and healing will continue to elude us.

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