Thankful For a New Perspective

November is a time to give thanks—for all that we have and hold in our hearts, minds, and spirits. But the Thanksgiving season celebrates much more than the blessings we can write down on paper. It allows us the opportunity to reflect on change.

All too often, we go through life with tunnel vision. We focus on checking off the things on our “to do” list and ensure that all of our responsibilities are complete. However, the last (almost) two years have implored us to look at and understand life in a more connected way. The world opened its eyes to a new way of learning and working. Connections were made outside of our pods (whether family, friend or work-related) and we learned that physical distance no longer needed to be a limitation. In staying home, we began to reconnect with each other, to understand what truly makes each other tick. And many of us took the time to slow down and reconnect with ourselves.

We were challenged to consider the environment and our impact on Nature, seeing how our months of quiet allowed the natural world to flourish, and in some places, recover. We are all linked to Nature. Every cell in our bodies is connected to the Universal heartbeat. As she moves, so too do we. As she breathes life into her creations, so too do we.

Life is a gift. And every moment—whether simple or difficult, quiet or energized—is an opportunity to experience a new perspective, and to welcome change within and around us. What are you most thankful for?