Tending To Yourself in Spring

In Spring, we care for trees and shrubs by clipping dead branches to make room for new shoots. We tend to our flower and vegetable gardens, tilling the soil and adding just the right amounts of water and nutrients to promote growth.

We pare away the old, stir up the soil, and allow Nature the room to do its magic.

Picture your Liver as a gardener tending to your body. Its job is to help Qi, Blood, and emotions to flow smoothly. When the Liver is balanced, there is perfect harmony in the garden—weeds are continually cleared, air and water flow are maximized, and plants are given what they need to reach their potential. However, if Liver Qi becomes stagnant, it cannot clear away the “weeds” to allow the flowers to bloom. When this happens, the Liver sends messages to tell you it needs more support. These messages come in the form of physical and emotional symptoms, such as anger, frustration, headaches, PMS, breast issues, cyclical issues, and digestive issues, among others.

How can you clear the weeds and give your Liver what it needs to reach its potential?

3 Ways to Support Your Liver

  • Food: We eat three times per day. The simplest way to support your Liver is through healing foods. Incorporate sour and pickled foods, as well as bamboo, sauteed greens, eggplant, fennel, and scallions.
  • Qigong: Increase your Qi by practicing The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth. Hold this posture for a few minutes every day, with the goal of working up to 30 minutes per day.
  • Go Screen-Free Your Liver works hard to process EMFs from phones, computers, and all other screens. Turn off your computer and cell phones for a few hours a day to give your eyes a break. During that time, enjoy spending time in your garden or out in Nature.

Join Us!

Liver Qi harmony and tcm

Join our upcoming Spring Harmony Journey, where you’ll experience Qigong practice, seasonal foods, and guidance from Master Lu. Give your Liver the support it needs to find balance this Spring!