Four Energy Gates for Total Health (On-Demand Video)

Feel more relaxed, with Grand Master Lu’s guided practice while opening four major energy intersections. Anyone of any age can benefit. Especially good for: Headache, shoulder pain, anxiety, sleep issues, rapid heart beat, digestion, lower back pain, and PMS to name some.


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Grand Master Lu guides the listener through a Four Energy Gates practice with the intention of stimulating the entire body's cooperative field.  The experience brings the listener to a state of calm.
For best results, watch the full video, practice along with Grand Master Lu to become familiar with the locations and technique.. Next, go beyond technique and allow your Qi to flow by closing your eyes, listen to Grand Master Lu's guidance and practice along with him as he leads you one by one through what feels like a meditative practice.
Anyone can practice these movements at any time.  The longer you stimulate each gate, the more benefits you'll receive.

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