• Qigong for men only

Qigong for Men’s Health. Video On-Demand

Improve stamina and maintain a fit body. The health benefits are incredible!

This kind of workout is challenging, says Grand Master Nan Lu, Qigong master and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, and offers men an energizing routine to build stamina and endurance.

Whether you’re focused on looking good or feeling strong, these six Qigong movements can:
• Supports healthy sexual activity
• Build healthy energy levels
• Increase endurance
• Support prostate health
• Help balance hormone levels and promote overall wellbeing of men

Blog post, Building Strength from the Inside Out

You may purchase the video directly through the player below.


Available On Demand through Vimeo. Click on the icon in the upper right corner of the trailer.  Practice Qigong for Men’s health daily for incredible health results. benefits include increase sexual desire and stamina, prostate health, hormone rebalancing, improvement in urinary issues, increased energy and vitality.

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