The Perception of Perfection

In Nature, there are many examples of symmetry—butterflies, honeycombs, sunflowers, snowflakes and even Romanesco broccoli. If you look closely enough, it seems that Nature has created beauty in picture-perfect proportions.
Many of us look in the mirror and expect that same symmetrical balance to stare back at us. All too often, we are met with thoughts of imperfections, such as “my nose is crooked, my teeth are misaligned,” and so on. Some people spend time, energy and money trying to gain that perfect complexion or symmetry. But which definition of “perfect” are those changes meeting?

What we don’t realize is that perfection is simply a perception.

We create our own reality. Our imperfections may in fact be our most beautiful gifts. But if we see them as imperfect, our minds block our true expression of beauty.
Two people can look at the same scene and see totally different vistas. You see what you want to see. You bring your wisdom, your life experiences and yes, your perceptions (and sometimes judgements), to the table with every encounter. Your definition of “perfect” may differ greatly from someone else’s definition of the same. Social media certainly feeds into this thought process. After all, people only post what they want others to see.

In actuality, nothing is perfect, while at the same time it is.

Your impression of what looks beautiful may differ from mine, but to each of us, those feelings are, in fact, perfect. We see the same parallels in the natural world. Nature does not make mistakes. Imperfections are what bring forth beauty. Amethysts are among the most beautiful stones on Earth, prized for their gorgeous purple color—a hue that exists only because of a flaw. Would anyone look at an amethyst and see imperfection over beauty? Maybe, maybe not. But without that flaw, amethyst as we know it would not exist.
What if those same imperfections—the ones that create beautiful surprises—exist deep within you? If you see them as flaws, their innate beauty never has a chance to shine. But if you view them instead as precious gifts, you allow yourself to blossom from within.
As you go through life, you can choose to see sadness, despair and bleakness all around you. Or you can search harder, look sideways—or even upside down—and find those perfect moments—the ones that bring forth beauty for you. See yourself as perfect, because you are. You are perfect. Life is perfect. Everything is perfect in your eyes—if you choose to see it that way.

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