Mind Training

“You must train your mind to see and do things in a different way. In this way you can be open-hearted, peaceful and accepting.” – Grand Master Lu
It’s easy and comfortable to go along with the status-quo. You know what is expected day after day. But what if you broke out of that box and helped yourself to see beyond the ordinary and mundane? What if you trained your mind, as Grand Master Lu suggests, to “see and do” life differently?
If you’re a planner who likes routine, this may be a bit uncomfortable for you at first. You may even find yourself rebelling against, well… yourself. But once you get past that initial phase, you’ll start seeing clearer. You’ll recognize the hidden gifts in others that you simply passed by before. And your own gifts will start to express themselves.
This is how you begin the path to becoming the person that you are intended to be.