New Month. New Year. New Decade. New 12-Year Cycle.

Every morning, we have the opportunity for renewal. We wake up to a fresh morning sky and new potential. It is up to us to “seize the day” and make the most of it.

For many of us, this is where our mindset starts and ends. We see potential and opportunity in what is right in front of us. But what about the bigger life picture?

This larger picture includes all of life—from tiny microbes on up to the swirling cosmos. And in that picture, you play a large part. As part of Nature’s design, along with other living beings, humans must follow Nature’s rules. Put yourself into Nature’s patterns and Nature’s time instead of looking solely at your own time and patterns.

Take, for example, New Year’s Eve. As a new year ushers in, humans celebrate. Many flock to Times Square in New York or other central places around the world. In our celebrations, we put the last year behind us and welcome the potential of the year to come. But look again at Nature. Everything is quiet. These beings are resting and accumulating energy in preparation for Spring. They are awaiting Nature’s time to change. And when that time comes, life celebrates by dancing with Nature.

Nature’s time is like a train that doesn’t stop and doesn’t leave. It just comes. You have to get on board. But if you’re too busy, you’ll miss it. Everything in our bodies—down to our cells—knows when Nature’s time has come. Our bodies—like everything else in the natural world—are ready to hop on board, but our minds hold us back. Change your beliefs. Be humble. Align your Spirit with Nature’s Spirit.

Every morning when we awake to that fresh new sunrise, we make a choice. Do we follow human rules or natural rules? Human rules are imposed on us by societal constraints—think responsibilities, bus schedules, deadlines, soccer games and even the calendar itself. But Nature’s rules have natural cycles and consciousness.

We are now at the beginning of a new decade. But if we look past the human calendar into Nature’s calendar, we see that 2020 is a new beginning in Nature’s time as well. The Chinese zodiac is based on a 12-year cycle, with each year representing an element and an animal sign. 2020 is the year of the Metal Rat, the start of a brand new 12-year cycle. Each element has a high swing and a low swing. This year’s element is on the high swing, which can work both for and against you. Metal relates to Lung energy and also supports digestive health. If your Lung energy isn’t strong, you may notice issues with your digestion, lungs or skin this coming year.

But as with everything, you have the opportunity to use this new change to your advantage. What power this fresh start holds for all of Nature and its beings! If, at the beginning of this energy pattern, we can align ourselves with Nature’s energy flow, we will enjoy greater health for the next 12 years.

Although 2020 has already begun, January 25 signals the start of Chinese New Year—Nature’s time. You have 3 weeks to prepare for the train’s arrival. If you miss the train, you’ll miss the larger Universal connection—Nature’s flow for the entire 12-year cycle. To achieve your maximum potential, observe everything around you. Notice how Nature is quiet and restful in Winter. Bring that quiet within. Let Nature be your guide and your teacher.

Your train is coming. Be ready. Hop on.