A New Year’s Message From Grand Master Lu

Wishing you a happy New Year!

Over the past few years TCM World Foundation has shared teachings on consciousness and everyday life. We’d like to continue the conversation by expanding into the realm of consciousness and health. To do so, we need a framework that goes far beyond information.

The ancient teachings of Chinese medicine hold profound keys to understanding man’s relationship with Universal wisdom. The ancient masters respected spirit-mind-body as a unified, communicative whole. They understood that man was not merely a physical body, separate from emotions, Nature, and environment. Rather, they recognized the physical body as a reflection of something much deeper⏤Consciousness. Consciousness is energy and includes everything in your life⏤everything that surrounds you. It even includes things that you feel, think, and see.

Health is a reflection of your consciousness and not the gathering of information about the physical body. Exploring this kind of thinking will change the way you view your life. Your outlook for what’s possible will change, and since your body is a shadow of the energetic level, your health will also change.

Throughout 2018, TCM World Foundation will focus its energies on this important perspective⏤Health Consciousness. We’re organizing webinars, developing seasonal programs, retreats and trainings, writing blog posts, and will offer Facebook Live events, completing the year with discussions and workshops at the Building Bridges Conference. If you are drawn to this way of thinking, join us on this journey of personal discovery.

May you enjoy the priceless gifts of health and happiness.

Grand Master Lu