What Do You Carry Into the New Year?

Throughout the year, we hold onto worries, fears, aggravation, and anger. Even when we try to release these emotions, they somehow find a way of creeping back in. It’s called being human. We all experience emotion. Of course some forms of emotion are a gift—happiness, love, passion, excitement—while others can be considered a curse. Feeling—and expressing—that emotion is a double-edged sword in many ways.

But as humans, we also have many opportunities to express those emotions so they don’t continue to weigh on our bodies, minds, and spirits. Frustrations impact Liver energy and can fester inside the body. Let them go!! As we close out 2023, try some of these tips to release what you’ve been holding.

1. Eggs! Find a plant that needs some extra nourishment, and throw a dozen eggs its way. As you throw the eggs allow a “Ha” sound to release as well.

2. Bubble Wrap! Lay out a sheet of bubble wrap and jump to your heart’s content. Invite your kids to join you as well. As you pop each bubble, picture yourself letting go of held emotions.

3. Dance! Music does a body good! Put on some fun music and let loose. If you’re worried about what neighbors may think, shut the blinds. Dance, dance, dance until you feel free!

4. Balloon Project! On small sheets of paper, write down the things that plagued you throughout 2023. Then slip these papers inside balloons and blow up the balloons. Now dance, jump, and stomp on all of the balloons until you break up everything you no longer need.