Melanie’s Story: Normal Versus Natural

For many years, I suffered through crippling menstrual cramps. Most of my friends complained about them, too. I also had such heavy periods (due to fibroids) that it was debilitating and I couldn’t plan to go anywhere unless I had quick access to a bathroom. It was terrible, and it became my normal.

Over the past few years, however, I discovered a new “normal”—no more cramps and no more heavy periods. Can you imagine how this has impacted my lifestyle? It’s amazing, and much more natural. Friends still tell me about the pains they experience from their monthly cycle nonchalantly, as if what they’re feeling is normal. But I’d like them to know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Through acupuncture, Qigong practice, and herbs, I have realized and experienced new possibilities. I continue to discover ways to improve my health and life—and it feels great. Like so many other people, I’m shy sometimes when speaking about my period. Sometimes it seems as though people treat women’s health as a taboo subject. If you are reading this, I encourage you to be bolder about communicating about menstruation. This powerful cycle reminds women, in such an intimate way, about their connection with Nature.

Each person’s experience is unique, however, far too many men and women seem to accept being out of balance as “normal.” If you are ready to experience something different, know that the possibility exists! I believe that a combination of acupuncture, dedicated Qigong practice, and herbs can help you make a change, as it did for me.