Life Lessons from an Early Spring Snowfall

As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers”. But many areas around the world just enjoyed an unexpected April treat–snow showers! Over the past few weeks, the weather fluctuated from chilly and damp to warm and spring-like. With a few recent days of sunshine and warmer temperatures, a handful of plants responded to Nature’s call for Spring. But clearly, Winter was not ready to let go. So how will these new buds and shoots respond to being buried under a blanket of snow?

It’s not as dire as you think! Snow acts as insulation, which according to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden “creates pockets of trapped air that hold in heat.” Under the snow, the ground will likely remain about 32 degrees, even if the surrounding air temperature plummets. Fortunately, the weather is expected to warm, jumping nearly 30 degrees by the end of the week. This means melting snow, and lots of it. All of this melted snow adds moisture and nutrients to the soil, helping Spring blossoms to reach their potential when Spring weather arrives–for good.

The magic of all of this is the unpredictability of Nature. Weather changes from one day to the next, sometimes from minute to minute. What is now a snowy cold day will give way to warmth and sunshine. But through it all, plants don’t hold back. They don’t fear sprouting because they may get blanketed by a late winter snowfall, just as they don’t fail to sprout for fear of getting picked or stepped on. Instead, they roll with the punches. Their job is to flower and bloom, and whether before the snow or after, Spring blossoms will find a way to do so.

Can you mimic that freedom in your own life?

What are you meant to do in life? What path are you intended to take? Don’t hold back!

Instead of stopping something–whether taking a job, following through on a dream, or starting a new venture–based on fear, close your eyes and go for it. Take that leap. Have faith that you will succeed. Even though you may hit a roadblock or two, the snow will melt and the sun will eventually shine. You will learn from every stumble, making you stronger and braver the next time you are faced with a challenge. And once you’ve succeeded in finding your own inner freedom, you’ll learn to go with the flow in more areas of life.

Observe Nature and learn from its changes. Have you noticed how the trees drop their leaves in Fall, knowing that it is now time to rest? Become one with these seasonal changes, knowing that as Nature changes externally, our bodies change internally. Be fluid as snow melting into a stream, flexible as trees dancing in the wind, and lively as the blooms that will soon grace our earth with their majestic show of colors!