Join the Spring Challenge

For every day, morning is the most important time. And for every year, Spring is the most important time.

The morning represents the whole day. Every morning when you rise, you have the opportunity to enjoy a new beginning: life is beginning—Qi is beginning. Practicing Qigong in the morning helps your Qi to rise like the sun. Night is the conclusion. At nighttime, you delete everything you’ve held from the day.

The Spring season is representative of the entire year. Nature and your body are connected. The state of your health in Spring sets the stage for the entire year.

TCM follows the Five Element Consciousness Framework. Here, we understand the many interactions between the human body and Nature. The energetic function of your Liver is associated with Spring function. Your Liver and the Spring season follow the same rules and connect on the same frequency.

Have you noticed how Nature changes in Spring? The wind in Spring is different from wind in other seasons. The Spring smell is different, too. All of Nature responds to these changes. Can you see and smell the difference? Can you be part of the difference?

If you live in a warmer climate, you might already see flowers starting to bloom. Qigong practice helps you to not only experience Nature, but to become part of it. Be alert. Develop your sense and sensibility to absorb Nature differently. Once you do, you’ll look at a flower and notice that it’s not a flower anymore—it’s the sign of Spring! You’ll recognize these connections in your body, too. When you look at your Liver or receive signs from your joints, you’ll know—these are the signs of Spring!

Take the Spring Challenge

Challenge yourself. Join an upcoming program or practice our standing meditation, The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth. Once your practice is finished, stand a little longer! That’s when the true energy healing begins.

Continue your Qigong practice every morning throughout the three months of Spring. Check yourself by the end of the year. See how much you have changed. Share your experiences in the comments below!

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Liver Qi Enhancement, April 11-25. We will tap into the emerging energy of Spring to enhance healthy Liver function. Program includes: Qigong practice and TCM lessons taught by Grand Master Lu, a light eating plan for those who want to clean-up the internal environment and more. Register now

New Tao of Morning Qigong series begins May 1. Registration will open in April.