Food Allergies and Body Consciousness

TCM: Can you talk about the concept of body consciousness?

Grand Master Lu: Body consciousness is a larger concept. Inside that is organ consciousness. Organs are created by atoms and particles—all of which have consciousness. Even the cells in your body have consciousness. That consciousness connects together to create the whole living body. But that consciousness itself is not in just this life. The body has already existed in many previous lives. You carry over all of the body consciousness in this Earth reality.


TCM: So what is the difference, then, between body and mind?

Grand Master Lu: When you are born, you have downloaded all of the information from your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on. Think about the large amount of data contained inside your body! The body has tremendous wisdom.

The body carries across many lives. The mind, on the other hand, is only of this life. The mind is based on your beliefs. If you change your beliefs, you change your mind. That allows you to connect to a different type of consciousness.

When we say the “body knows,” we’re digging down to the gene level. At the gene level, the body knows how to survive in a different kind of climate and with different kinds of foods.


TCM: How does this relate to food allergies?

Grand Master Lu: One of the concepts I see often is the need for gluten-free foods. If you follow that path, the disease, or the allergy, can never be healed. When you say you need gluten-free, you are separating yourself from your blood lines.


TCM: But food today is not the food of generations ago. It’s been tainted and chemically altered.

Grand Master Lu: Yes, that’s true. But you are born with knowledge. Your body knows that with every generation there is always change. You have already created the wisdom and the knowledge that you can digest these foods.


TCM: Many people experience bloating and pain after eating foods with gluten (or other foods). In this case, is the person blaming the reaction on the food without the understanding that the real imbalance is inside?

Grand Master Lu: In terms of the body’s chemical processing, it’s true that the food may have caused the body to react. But this is not the whole truth. Your great-great-grandparents ate gluten for many lives. These blood lines pass to you. There wasn’t a gluten effect before you were born. So you have to ask when, why, and how this is happening.

Even though you have an allergic reaction, you are going down a healing path. When you eliminate gluten, you are no longer in the healing path. You are eliminating all of the wisdom that was passed down in the genes. Through these reactions, you can discover how to balance the body and harmonize with the environment. Ask yourself: How can you change your life? How can you be your own master and free yourself from stress? All of these things become more important than just limited foods.


TCM: So does gluten become a sign?

Grand Master Lu: Gluten is the sign, but you read the signs incorrectly.