Finding and Sustaining Balance

Today we celebrate the Autumn equinox, a day representing perfect balance and harmony. According to ancient Chinese tradition, on the day of the equinox, eggs (and brooms!) can stand up without any human assistance. But the mark of true harmony is not just finding that initial balance, but sustaining it. Can your egg stand on its head—the skinnier side—for one hour, two days, one week? How does that translate into your everyday life?

When we are energetically in balance, we don’t get caught in anger, frustration, or other “holding” emotions. When those emotions find us, we simply breathe and let them go. Energetic balance also brings physical harmony—we are free from aches, pains, and seasonal allergies. We don’t have that constantly nagging cough that finds us every Fall, or acid reflux after eating a meal. Balance is fluid and free. But how do we reach this state of perfect balance? It’s all about Qi.

Your Qi, or your energetic life source, is what sustains you and animates everything about you. It is what fuels interactions between two people, or between people and Nature. It is that invisible, constantly moving source that flows through you and is the tie that binds you to all life of around you. When Qi flows smoothly, disease cannot enter. But when it can’t move freely through your meridians, the body speaks to us to let us know it is off balance. It sends us messages in the form of pains, stomach aches, headaches, joint pain, breathing issues, seasonal allergies, and much more. We’ve become accustomed to calling these “symptoms” and we’ve come to accept that these symptoms find us at certain times throughout the year. We’ve even gone so far as to say, “That’s normal for my body.”

But what if you didn’t have to suffer from allergies every Fall, or achy knees and hips every Winter? When your Qi flows within you and communicates with Nature’s Qi that flows around you, the body doesn’t need to send those messages. It can simply “be”.


Join Us!

Find your own balance and learn to flow with Nature’s Qi this Fall. Sustaining that balance will translate to year-round health and happiness.

Fall Qi Connection: October 9 – 16

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