The Faith to See it Through

Life is an interesting thing. We all experience ups and downs, twists and turns at various points. That’s just life. While it’s easy to get trapped in a pattern of highs: you feel good, full of life, vibrant; it’s even easier to get trapped in a pattern of lows. Here we feel the need to escape but just can’t figure out how to find the door.

It’s this time–the lowest of lows–that we need to remember: You are on a path. Sometimes that path takes you down uncharted territory. But the end of the path will lead you to goodness. You just need the faith to see it through.

Often, when people have experienced grief, they cannot see through their struggles. We can all likely understand this scenario: a woman is deeply grieving after losing her mother after 65 years. What must it feel like to have your root taken away so suddenly? It’s hard to fathom life without her and understand how to simply go on. While the emotional pain is raw, it will slowly begin to heal. The tears of sadness will eventually turn into tears of remembrance as beautiful memories flood back to mind and heart.

The lows are our tough points in life. But these moments don’t define you as a person. They are just stepping stones. Your life is full of enormous potential; incredible opportunities await. Can you allow them in?

Life is a never ending journey. It’s full of unexpected surprises: people you meet on the train, new experiences, even a colorful, new perspective. And sometimes, it takes this change in perspective to see a situation differently for the first time.

Imagine that your life is a beautifully illustrated storybook. When you wake up each morning, you turn to a crisp, blank page. The writing and pictures that fill that space are entirely up to you. What will you fill your page with? How can you look at your life differently to make a change for the better?