Difficult Cases

Many patients present with medical issues that are not cut and dry. Dr. Nan Lu approaches these challenging cases from a traditional Chinese medicine perspective, bringing years of wisdom, experience, and insight rooted in quantum principles, Five Element Consciousness, meridians, and Yin-Yang theories.

Join us every Tuesday night as Dr. Lu shares medical cases from his patients and the path he took to find the root cause of the issues and create treatment plans. Dr. Lu will also open the table to western medical practitioners to share their complex cases. Don’t miss this opportunity of East meets West to understand health from a new and fascinating angle.

This Week’s Session:

February 20: Immune Health: Curious about how your immune health could be influencing your daily routine? This session focuses on how TCM looks at the immune system and what factors contribute to imbalances. Dr. Lu guides practitioners to view signs of weaknesses as well as what steps to take to enhance immune health. This perspective is very different from the Western approach.

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Upcoming Schedule:

February 27: Auto Immune Disease

March 5: Sleep Issues