Change Your Thinking. Shift Your Life.

The way we approach a situation usually has an effect on its end result. If we walk into a room upset and angry, we may erupt in frustration as tensions escalate. On the other hand, if we take a deep breath and approach a situation from a place of understanding, we may gain a deeper level of appreciation and see a new side to the story.

When you change your thinking, you begin to see people and events from different perspectives. Doing so gives you the opportunity to shift your whole worldview. Anger melts away, frustration fizzles, and you’re left with a clean slate. Every situation gives you the chance to set new boundaries and adjust your emotional output, a.k.a. how much of your Qi you’re willing to spend in this emotion.

Imagine for a moment you are upset with your co-worker for their input on a shared project. You don’t feel they’ve put in their best work, and the boss’s criticism of the project falls on you. Do you have a right to be upset? Yes, of course. But ask yourself this: Is it worth it? How much of yourself are you willing to spend in this emotion? What will you need to do to regain the Qi you lose in frustration and anger? And what could you be using that Qi for instead?

Asking yourself these questions gives you time to pause and reset the moment. Instead of reacting, how can you let go, change your emotional response, and move forward? You might be surprised by the things that change when you approach people and situations from this new lens. Save your Qi! Use it instead to heal, grow, and move toward greater things in life.

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