Catch Your Zzzs

The body never lies. It’s 100% loyal to us. Each organ must constantly repair, fix and increase energy to prepare for your future.

Healing is a natural cooperation and interrelationship between your body, mind and spirit—a byproduct of a body in balance. Every person is born with this ability to heal. In order to create balance, you have to understand the most important requirement for healing: sleep. The body uses this time to prepare for your future. Without quality sleep, you won’t have quality healing.

Think about newborn babies—they eat, sleep, poop, and repeat that same pattern over again. As long as a baby sleeps well, it will grow. However, many people—children included—suffer from sleep disorders. They can’t quiet their minds long enough to get quality sleep. Sleeping is something you cannot force your body to do. You can count your fingers and breathe slowly, but without high-quality energy and inner peace, you won’t be able to get the peaceful sleep you need.

Many people spend all of their energy thinking and worrying. Their lives are full of stress and they are constantly in motion. This internal noise creates a greater disturbance than the external noise surrounding them. The best way to quiet the mind and eliminate this inner noise is through meditation. If you think and worry too much, how can you have inner peace? Without inner peace, how can you quiet the mind and body long enough to rest? Without rest, how can the body heal itself?

Steps to a good night’s rest:

  1. Write down all of your responsibilities, especially the ones you do not enjoy.
  2. Cross one thing off your list every day. Do not view anything as a “have to”. Give yourself the freedom to let go little by little.
  3. As you give yourself the flexibility to see your responsibilities in a different light, notice how the chaos shifts. Does this impact your emotions? Are you feeling more balanced?
  4. Reassess and write your list again. Keep eliminating until you are only holding onto what is essential—the things that bring you great joy. Your lifestyle and emotions will become more peaceful and balanced, which will lead to a healthier you.

In order to have high-quality healing, we must have high-quality sleep. In order to have high-quality sleep, we must have inner peace.

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