Can You Live a Life Unplugged?

It might be unrealistic in today’s world to completely unplug from your digital devices, but research shows there are clear upsides to decompressing from nonstop digital connections.

Early in 2015, 35 business people were invited to the Moroccan Desert by a team of neuroscientists. The participants were stripped of their digital devices—yes, all of them. The participants were studied to observe any behavioral changes that may result from living without their devices.

The results? After three days of being unplugged, participants exhibited changes in a variety of areas: improved posture, increased ability to maintain eye contact (instead of staring downward), improved sleep patterns, an ability to engage in more relaxed and meaningful conversations as well as the ability to remember more details mentioned during those conversations.

Giving up every device all at once may feel like you’re traveling back in time, but unplugging a bit at a time can really add up. Choose one hour to live unplugged today, and don’t cheat! Then amp it up—add one additional hour of unplugged time every day until you’ve gone an entire 24 hours without your devices. If you’re really inspired, keep a journal detailing your time spent unplugged. Write about how you’re spending your time, and how you’ve been feeling. And when you’re ready to plug back in, log on and share your thoughts with us in the comments below.