Give Your Eyes a Break!

Who doesn’t spend a lot of time on the computer? It’s simply an expected part of modern life. Yet day after day, this steady diet of concentrated visual focus can take its toll on our eyes.

Symptoms that indicate we’ve had too much? Red eyes, burning eyes, blurry vision and headaches. While TCM treatment can help resolve eyestrain and other eye issues, there is something you can do every day to help the eyes: give them a break!

While you’re working, or scanning your emails, get up from your desk and move and stretch whenever possible. It’s also important to take short and frequent eye breaks. Place a plant on your desk and every 15 minutes, or when your eyes feel tight or tired, shift your gaze to the plant. The key is to absorb the green color while taking several deep and relaxing breaths. Green resonates with the Liver, the organ that nourishes our eyes.