Can You Let Go?

Imagine standing in front of a crowded audience. The lights beam as you notice that all eyes are on you. How are you feeling? Are your palms sweaty and your heart racing or do you revel in the spotlight? Now imagine that you are sailing at sea–far enough out that you can no longer see the coastline. Suddenly, the beautiful sky has turned ominous as a storm swells in the distance. Do you dwell in the “what if?” or trust that you’ll get back home safely?

We all react differently to varying situations. Fears or worries are usually built upon an experience we had in our past that we are still holding on to.

Close your eyes and picture yourself sitting on the bank of a slow-moving river. Imagine that there are multiple boxes on the ground next to you. Inside each one is a single word representing something you feel fear, worry or sadness about. Throughout this week, return to this visual often. When you are ready, pick up one box that you are ready to release from your life. Place the box in the river and watch it float away. That emotion is no longer yours. Now you are able to move beyond.