How Do We Let Go?

Throughout our lives, we accumulate feelings, memories, and emotions. Some of them stay with us longer than they need to. If they are not ours anymore, we can let them go! Our memory is unlimited, but we limit it by creating a small “box” and stuffing it full of old memories and feelings. How do we open that box and begin to let go?

Think of a beautiful maple tree in autumn. See its brightly colored leaves. Now project the image of what you want to let go of onto that tree. As the leaves fall, imagine that the old feeling, memory or emotion is released as well. Close your eyes and see the falling leaves landing in a stream. Watch them float in the water, bobbing up and down, until they merge into a rushing river and eventually reach the ocean. Picture your old feeling, memory or emotion floating off into the ocean. See it dance among the waves. Allow it the freedom to leave you and allow yourself the freedom to let it go fully. Breathe in and out. As you let go of what you no longer need, you will feel calmer and freer. Your heart will open and you will make room for happiness and love.