Body, Mind, Spirit Healing: Your Connection to Nature’s Spirit

Everything is energy. Our body is created by energy. Each organ does not just have energy—it also has spirit. The spirit of each organ—your spirit—is connected to Nature’s spirit. There is communication between your organs and Nature. So when we talk about body-mind-spirit, we have to understand that there are emotions connected to your symptoms. For example, anger is connected to your Liver function, which is further connected to Nature’s element of wood. That’s the connection between you and Nature.

What’s the spirit of wood? Look at the trees and the bamboo. They move freely in the breeze. They aren’t afraid that they will get knocked down or that heavy snow will fall on their branches. Take on this feeling. Be fearless. Be flexible. Go with the flow. Your body has this spirit. Your Liver has this spirit.

When we look at disease and illness, we have to look at them from a body-mind-spirit level. Believe in yourself. You are part of Nature. You can heal yourself.

Master Nan Lu on Body, Mind, Spirit Healing

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