Words of Wisdom: Love and Hate

In today’s society, the words “love” and “hate” are thrown around freely. “Love” is plastered on signs and on greeting cards, often causing its meaning to fade. “Hate” is spoken and shouted, often without thinking of its deep implications. We all know that words can hurt as much as they can heal. Have you ever stopped to think about the meaning behind these four-letter words?

“Hate is like a spear—it has only one point, one focus; love is like the ocean—it encompasses everything” -Grand Master Lu

With one sharp point, hate can only harm the target that it reaches. Words like this can do no good. They are created and intended to hurt. But love is the opposite extreme. It is all-encompassing.

Think about the ways in which you interact with others. Do you spread pointed words of hate or welcoming words of love? These words and actions speak volumes and often encourage the same behavior in those around us. Think about the way you feel when others spout hateful words in your direction. These words may leave you feeling empty, hurt and alone. Then think of the smile that overcomes you when someone you love shares their heart with you.

Make it your goal to spread love today and everyday. Use your words of love to heal yourself and to bring joy to those around you. Make these words significant and the experiences authentic, so they truly warm and encompass those in your life. As your words soften and your heart begins to shine, you will begin to view life from a new perspective—one in which joy and love are the only options.