What Do You See?

When you wake up on a gloomy day, what do you see—the pending storm or the possibility for a rainbow?

If you have a job setback, how do you view it—as a personal failure or the opportunity to gain new skills?

You get the gist. Your outlook on life attracts that same sort of energy in your direction.

You have a choice every single day. Admittedly, some days are easier than others. You can approach a hiccup in the road as a stopping point, or you can see it as a chance to take a much-needed hiatus from something that has been weighing on you. It’s all about the angle with which you approach life.

Think about the events currently unfolding in your life and apply this new line of thinking. Can you see the good in any of it? All of it? Where is the silver lining? Once you find it, let that lead you to your next success.

Keep Learning and Growing

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