Solitude: A Gift From the Sea

Walking along the shoreline, one can observe the familiar sights and sounds of beach life. Giggling children build sand castles, crashing waves wash in and out and noisy seagulls fly overhead. But although the beach itself may be anything but quiet, the serenity of the landscape brings a hint of refreshing solitude.

Salt air renews the soul. Every lap of water is a reminder of this earthly presence and of yours, too. As you stand in the midst of this seemingly endless sea, water washes over your toes and ankles, instantly cooling you from the muggy, summer air. You become suddenly aware of the undertow sucking the sand from beneath your feet and feel powerless for just an instant, losing yourself in the beauty and strength of the ocean’s might. Everything changes in the ocean’s grasp. Yet underneath it all, you feel strong, renewed and alive, having experienced the quiet that only the ocean can bring.

This is the Spirit of the Heart. The graceful solitude that leaves you smiling deeply and living simply. Whether at the beach or in your own unique space, honor the Spirit of your Heart this Summer. Revel in quiet solitude and renew your inner being.