Quiet the Vibration Within

Are you aware of how fast signals fly? Can you keep up? Should you?

Sending and Receiving Messages

In the “olden days”, handwritten messages took weeks, sometimes months, to reach their destination. As time went on, mail was delivered on a more local scale in pushcarts or horse-drawn wagons. Eventually, with the invention of motorized vehicles and aircraft, the process of receiving and sending mail became faster and faster.

Now, however, writing a letter by hand and sending it “snail mail” is often viewed as old-fashioned. Instead, many people opt for e-cards, emails, or text messages to send work correspondences, birthday messages, and even gift cards. Not only can you choose when to deliver your message—if you’ve planned a few days in advance—but you can set the message to deliver on the same day every year. Just another way to make our lives simpler—or is it?

While life has become faster and faster, the world of instant messaging can be exhausting! Our bodies are forced to continually keep up with the messages flying around us every day, minute, second, even millisecond! Often, we don’t realize how fast we are thinking, moving, and vibrating until we are forced to slow down. Sometimes it takes being sick with the flu to help us see that the path we are on is not healthy. Other times, we step away from our lives—for vacation, a mountain retreat, or even a move to another locale—and when we return to our “regular lives” we realize just how fast we had been moving.

Developing an Awareness

Our bodies vibrate differently when we’re under stress. And when we operate at this speed, we are bound to crash and burn. The way of the Tao is to do nothing, simply be, and let go of whatever plagues you—stress, worries, even thoughts. While a complete open mind and Heart may not be entirely possible in this day and age, an awareness of this go-so-fast-you-will-eventually-crash society we live in does help us to slow down and live in a way that feeds our spirit.

Remember, you are not just a body moving through the motions. Whatever you ask your body to do, your mind and Spirit go along for the ride. Allowing yourself to slow down and move at a more thoughtful—or mindless—pace allows the body, mind, and Spirit to vibrate at a more peaceful level. Incorporating an energy practice into your daily routine is the key to living in harmony.

3 E Qigong Practice: Energy, Everybody, Everyday

In this video, Grand Master Lu shares a powerful set of Qigong movements you can practice every day to get your Qi moving and bring your body, mind, and spirit to a healthier state of balance. Let this be your first step to quieting the vibration within.


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