Lighten Up! Laugh a Little!

Something interesting happens when kids cross over into adolescence—many of them lose their spunk. Yes, it’s temporary and once the hormone swings are out of the way and life begins to once again normalize, their smile and personality begin to seep back in. But when adolescence turns into full-blown adulthood—job, family, responsibilities, schedules, deadlines, PRESSURE—that cycle reappears for many. We often get caught up in the minutiae of each day and lose sight of the big picture of life.

So in the midst of everything on your plate, take time to slow down, or even—gasp!—stop, for just a few moments. Breathe in the goodness around you. Smell the fresh air. Feel the breeze on your skin. Notice the sounds of the cicadas calling and the birds chirping. Becoming aware of life outside your hectic, schedule-driven world is a critical component to finding peace within. It also provides a perfect example for your children and others around you to find quiet in their days as well.

And once you’ve had time to decompress, put on some music and dance! When was the last time you allowed yourself to dance freely, or laugh, just because? Bring back your own childlike wonder and enthusiasm for the daily wonders that surround you. Allow yourself to just be free.

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