Waiting For the Abundance of Spring

In the words of the famous philosopher Laozi, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

In late fall, bulbs are planted in anticipation of Spring blooms. Above the surface, we sit and wait. We wait for the deep freeze of Winter to release in the warm sunshine, the soil to loosen, and the rain to nourish and moisten the earth below. As we wait up above, the ground that we look upon seems lifeless, yet it is teeming with life! Many incredible things are happening beneath the surface. Roots release moisture into the soil to protect plants and stabilize the temperature. Many animals burrow deep into the soil to protect themselves from the elements. Others hibernate or rely on mechanisms they’ve developed to survive even the bleakest weather. Even so, many microbes stay active in Winter soil. Without all of this invisible work, we would not have the abundance of Spring.

As we transition from Winter to Spring, we often have days with warm, sunny weather followed by cold, rainy days where we are chilled to the core. Sometimes, these fluctuations take place all in one day, with freezing temperatures in the morning and Spring or even Summer-like temperatures by the afternoon. Nature does not hurry.

Nature has much to teach us about moving easily through life’s constant changes. Seasonal patterns are life lessons in patience and promise. Winter’s quiet teaches us to trust and have faith that change happens, even when it’s invisible to the eye.

While Spring is on the horizon, the seasonal essence is still Winter. So during this transitional time, slow down, turn inward, and be kind to yourself. Remember to stay warm and keep your skin covered. Even though the temperature may feel warm, the seasonal essence is still cold. Deeply rest in anticipation of your own Spring renewal.

What’s On the Horizon?

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