Prevention: Early Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

If we want to understand breast cancer, we have to understand what it is and where it comes from. Cancer is the effect of life that is off-balance. When life is off-balance, it will cause emotions to become off balance, and the body to become off-balance. Sooner or later, breast cancer might express itself in different areas.

All breast cancer is not the same. The location is very important. Different locations are associated with different energy paths, or meridians, that run through the breast area. If energy has a stagnation in this meridian, sooner or later it may cause a breast lump or can progress to cancer.

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What are the signs of a body that is off balance?

Everything is about energy. All energy has consciousness. Energy runs through the meridians—the energy pathways that allow energy to flow through. There are three major meridians that run through the breast area—Liver, Stomach, and Kidney. These three major meridians directly impact breast health.


All women’s health is either directly or indirectly associated with Liver function. If the Liver cannot function properly, it can cause many different conditions. Signs of Liver function disorder:

PMS: If your life is very stressed, you may experience PMS or your menstrual cycle may become affected down the road.

Acid reflux: While widely thought to be a stomach issue, from a Chinese medicine point of view, acid reflux is a Liver-function disorder. Because the Liver is under so much stress, it causes the relationship between the Liver and Stomach to become off-balance. When you control acid reflux with medication, you don’t fix the problem, you just control the symptom. By addressing your Liver imbalance, you can get to the root cause of the issue and fix it for good.

Sports Injuries: Sprained ankles, tendonitis, and joint issues are caused by Liver function disorder. The Liver is not flexible. If you can address your Liver function imbalance, you may find that you become more emotionally and physically flexible.

Lower Back Pain: Chronic lower back pain is another common ailment. Chronic Liver function disorder often shows up as chronic lower back pain.

Breast Tenderness: Particularly during menstrual cycles, breast tenderness is a very early sign to show that your Liver function is already directly impacting the breast area. You may also experience breast tenderness or pain when it is not your menstrual cycle.

What causes Liver function disorder, and how can we prevent it?

Stress: Different emotions—energy frequencies—like chronic emotional stress will directly impact Liver function disorder. Continually holding anger and frustration can cause many physical concerns. The Liver cannot handle excess stress. See if you can change the way you view the person or the situation in order to release this powerful energy.

Cold: The Liver does not like cold. Menstrual cramps and arthritis are signs that the body is processing too much cold. Keep the body warm and avoid iced drinks and raw vegetables, especially during your menstrual cycle.


The Stomach meridian runs through the center of the breast. If the Stomach has a function disorder, it can also cause breast health problems. The body will often show you what is going on inside. IBS, constipation, weight gain, diabetes, hair loss, a white coating on tongue, and acid reflux are some signs of a Stomach function disorder.

What causes Stomach function disorder, and how can we prevent it?

1. Diet: Your diet directly impacts your Stomach function. Iced drinks, salad, and raw vegetables carry a cold essence. Eating cooked, warm foods and those with a warm essence will support your Stomach function and aid in your digestion. When you are choosing foods to eat, think about how long it takes various foods to grow and accumulate energy in Nature. Lettuce takes only two to three months from seed to harvest, whereas apples take double the time. If you want to feel light, you need to eat light. Fruit that grows up high—like on an apple tree—is much lighter on the body than root vegetables.

2. Emotions: Do you constantly worry and overthink about your health, your future, and your family? These continual emotions will eventually affect your digestion and your Stomach function.


All of your energy was contained in your Kidney before you were born. Knee, heel, and neck pain; bone aches; arthritis; hypertension; immune disease; diabetes; bone loss; and tinnitus are associated with Kidney function disorder.

What causes Kidney function disorder, and how can we prevent it?

1. Cold: The Kidney also cannot handle cold, both in diet and environment. Kidney is associated with the Winter season. In cold weather, everything stops—energy cannot flow. Keep the body covered in cold weather and eat warming foods, such as cooked vegetables and warm soups. Salmon and shellfish are also excellent foods to support Kidney function.

2. Emotions: Fear is associated with Kidney function. Much of what we do in our society—security checks, health insurance—is based on the powerful and invisible energy of fear. Living the understanding that everything happens for good reason will help to counter this constant barrage of fear. Keep your emotions flowing freely. As long as energy flows freely, disease cannot enter.

Creating Harmony

If you can care for these three major organs at a physical and an emotional level, you can create an environment of harmony and balance, and can prevent breast cancer. Physical and emotional symptoms are a sign that the body is off balance energetically. Go to the root cause. Watch your emotions. See how you can bring yourself back to balance. Fix the small things first, so big things will never happen.

Remember to believe in yourself. The body and mind are always connected. Do not separate them. You have to see yourself at an emotional and physical level. If you can do that, you will and you can prevent breast cancer. Answer is always within.

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