Organ Communication: What’s the Connection?

Did you know? The digestive system has a direct link to healthy Heart function! In fact, the connection between Liver Qi (Spring) and Stomach Qi (Late Summer) is what creates healthy Heart function (Summer) and an overall sense of peace in the body. How are your organs speaking to one another? And how do your emotions play a role?

We often look at tests to interpret how the Heart is functioning on a materialized level. But while the Heart is responsible for the body’s blood, vessels, and veins, its energetic job is to contain the spirit of happiness and fulfillment.

We are now transitioning from Spring or Liver Qi to Summer or Heart Qi. In Late Summer, we transition yet again to Stomach Qi. So what’s the connection?

The Liver is the mother of the Heart. And the Heart is the mother of the Stomach. In this energetic relationship, the mother will always take from herself to support her child. Study the Five Element Energetic Framework to understand the connection between these organ systems.

While we often think of the Heart as the center of the circulatory system, it’s actually the Liver’s job to energetically circulate blood and Qi throughout the body. The Liver must also regulate emotions. Wherever your spirit goes, your Liver spirit will also go. On a visible, tangible level, the spirit expresses itself through emotions.

However, many people are in a state of continual stress and worry. The Liver processes stress. And you guessed it—the Stomach digests worry. So how do these emotions impact Heart harmony?

When the body is asked to continually process these emotions, the Liver becomes taxed and is unable to clearly translate the Heart’s message. As a result, the Heart is not at peace. The body’s internal vibration becomes one of constant back-and-forth negotiation versus smooth, harmonious flow. An unbalanced Heart cannot provide ample support to the Stomach, which may result—on the physical level—in digestive and metabolic discomforts. Conversely, if the Stomach is functioning optimally, the Heart is happy. Stomach energy must be in balance for Heart energy to be balanced.

The Heart is like the conductor of an orchestra. When every organ’s Qi is flowing in harmony, the Heart plays a beautiful symphony. The result is a feeling of peace, calm, joy, and creative expression. The more peaceful you are, the easier it is to show who you are.

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