November or Novem-Brrrrr?

It’s November, and the leaves are scattered along the sidewalks. Rain falls and a chill is in the air. And even though the afternoons are considerably warmer, the morning and evening temperatures plummet close to freezing. Winter weather is on the horizon. Nature is slowly getting us ready.

At the first hint of winter’s chill, animals begin collecting nuts and seeds, digging burrows and growing their winter’s coats in preparation for the months to come. Humans also partake in similar activities. We curl up under blankets, warm our toes by the fire, and wrap ourselves in hats and scarves.

But no matter how cold it may be outside, we still reach for that cool, refreshing drink. Think about the last time you went out to dinner. What was the first thing the waiter brought you? It was probably a round of ice waters. And what was your first course—possibly a salad? Cold drinks and foods (including raw foods) carry a cold essence that upsets the smooth, energetic functioning of the Spleen and Stomach. A cold essence or energy slows the digestive process down, possibly leading to uncomfortable digestive disturbances. On the other hand, warming foods support the Spleen and Stomach and help all organ systems to run smoothly and more efficiently, like a well-oiled machine.

Take a cue from Nature! As the temperatures drop, keep yourself warm!

Use this Fall season to rest and renew yourself in preparation for winter. Get plenty of sleep and eat foods that warm the body, like soups and warm teas. When you cook vegetables or soups, include warming spices and seasonings, like ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper.

For ideas, check out the soup recipes on our website—some of which are truly simple to make, even after a long day at work. If you master a few easy broths (vegetables boiled in water or water with mushroom seasoning) or use a packaged organic broth instead, your soup can be on the table in less than ten minutes. What a great way to warm up and feed your body what it needs during this time of rest and renewal.

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