“Looking” Hurts the Liver

In Chinese medicine, the Liver is the organ system most affected by stress—something many people experience on a daily basis. This organ is also the central screening point for all of your emotions. Therefore, when we experience stress or are bombarded by a barrage of emotions, we are calling upon the Liver to smooth everything out for us. If the body is already off balance, think about the effect that can have on the Liver!

In studying the Five Element Consciousness Framework, we see that every organ system has abundant interconnections relating to nature and both the tangible and intangible aspects of the human body. One of those connections is the eye, which is considered the “opening” of the Liver. People with deficient Liver Qi might experience eye issues, such as dryness, burning, and blurry or poor vision. However, the reverse is also true. While poor Liver Qi can affect the eyes, overuse of the eye can also affect the Liver.

So many people spend long, uninterrupted hours in front of the computer. Too much “looking” drains your Liver Qi. So what can you do?

Here are three quick tips to ease the burden on your hard-working Liver:

  1. Take a break! Take multiple computer breaks during the day. Walk outside and get some fresh air, take the dog for a walk (without your phone), or simply walk into another room. Allow your eyes to focus on something other than a Qi-zapping screen!
  2. Bring nature indoors! The Liver also responds to the color green. Situate your desk so you can glance out on a natural landscape or put a green plant on your desk. Resting and relieving your eyes by looking at something fresh, green, and alive several times throughout the day can make a huge difference over time. In addition, taking the time to care for the plant on your desk will help you to make deeper connections to nature.
  3. Make time for you! How often do you carve time out of your day just for yourself? Whether you enjoy a quiet cup of coffee once the kids are at school or 30 minutes of meditative practice in the middle of the day, taking time for yourself will help you to feel more peaceful from within.

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