Living a Purposeful Life

What makes one person shy and timid and another fearless and free? Call it hootspa, oomph, nerve or grit, either way, some of us have it and some of us don’t—right? Not necessarily.

We are all born with tremendous potential. The way we live our lives sets that potential into motion. Do you need to be an adventurous rock climber or high-flying dare devil to live a purposeful life? Of course not. You may choose to live a simple life or one filled with excitement—either lifestyle can be completely rewarding. But if your lifestyle holds you back from completing your true destiny here on Earth—the contract you made at birth—stop and turn inward for a moment.

Think about what you’d like to achieve. Every day is a new gift—a new opportunity to fulfill that birth promise. Ask yourself, how can I use today as a canvas to become a more inspired version of myself? How can I use my gifts and talents to enrich my life and the lives of others around me?  What gives my life real purpose?

Don’t put roadblocks in your way! You can become anything you want to be, no matter what stage of life you are in. Often, what stops us from pulling our inner oomph to the surface is fear. So grab hold of your fears and take one step toward conquering them. Little by little, you’ll begin seeing a clear path toward your goals. And as you begin to walk the path, you’ll feel a sense of purpose bubbling up inside you.