Levels of Qigong Practice

Qigong is a cultivated energy practice that helps you build your connection to Universal life. In doing so, you heighten your sensitivity and guide your energy, or Qi, to create health, peace, and harmony within. Many people discover Qigong practice after an illness or diagnosis. They’ve tried many other medical pathways and still feel “off” or generally unwell. While a place of ultimate balance is the goal, a beginning Qigong practice is just the first step to get you there. Once you begin, what can you expect from a quality Qigong practice?

First Level of Qigong

The first level of Qigong focuses on trying to readjust the body to fix a problem. Some masters can determine the cause and guide you by designing Qigong movements specific to your condition. Quality acupuncture is important as well. A good acupuncturist will know where the meridians are, diagnose organ function disorders, and put the needles in the right places. This healing prescription allows your body to receive the energy it needs. As you follow this path, your condition and physical body will begin to change. Once this happens, you reach the second level of Qigong.

Second Level of Qigong

Level two is when you begin to understand the meaning behind the changes you’ve been experiencing. You see how your emotions and feelings are connecting to the good around you. As you progress, you become more peaceful and your emotions become more balanced. You come to recognize that you are a part of Nature. The concept that ‘Everything is Connected’ becomes something you actually experience.

With this fresh lens, you view the world from a new perspective. Instead of seeing conditions—such as a headache that comes with a seasonal transition—as a problem or something to fear, you begin to view them as an energy reaction. Feelings and awareness are part of Qigong practice. You won’t limit yourself to treating your headache with medication. Qigong is simple and natural with no side effects.

A Powerful Healing Practice

Healing techniques must include the body, mind, and spirit. In Chinese medicine, Qigong is one of the most powerful healing techniques. Acupuncture, herbal remedies, and food give you support from the outside. But only Qigong can stimulate and connect the mind, body, and spirit from the inside.


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