Intuitive vs Rational Thinking

In life, we use our rational minds all the time. Parents get asked the question, “What’s for dinner?” almost every day. A rational thought process would be: let’s think about what the family enjoys, find a good recipe, set out the ingredients and follow the steps to complete it. But from an intuitive perspective,”What’s for dinner?” takes on a whole new meaning.

When you use your intuition, you don’t need to think, ponder and assess—you just do. You act from a part of you that already knows the answer. In other words, you follow the pull of your gut feeling. But when we follow our intuition, the rational mind often stops us by thinking about our to-do lists, and the reality of “what is reasonable or appropriate”. After all of that, you’ve lost access to your intuition. Look at the messages your mind gives you. Reflect on which ones limit you and which ones partner with your intuition.

Remember, to discover yourself is to allow your intuition to be your guide.