The Iceberg: A Metaphor for Life

Did you know that icebergs exist primarily under water? In fact, only about 10% of an iceberg is visible above the water’s surface. This fact gives scientists a lot of information regarding the life cycles of icebergs. It also provides a metaphor for so many things in life.

What if we viewed people and situations as icebergs? From that perspective, we’re only seeing 10% of what makes the person tick or 10% of the reason for why the situation unfolded as it did. But we judge based on the only criteria we have—what we see. Behind the scenes (or under water, where the majority of the iceberg lies), things could be very different. But again, we judge based on what we see. Often, when new information comes to light, we find ourselves rethinking our judgements of certain people or situations.

Now imagine yourself as that iceberg. You allow others to see only a small portion of yourself. What are you sharing with the world? What are you hiding away from view? How might this new lens help you to accept (and even love) things about yourself that you might not consider your best attributes?

As humans, we are just one piece of the puzzle of life. And although this iceberg metaphor has us imagining a clean 90/10 split, in reality, our visible world is only 4% of the total electromagnetic spectrum—96% is invisible. It exists in waves of energy. Think about that—what you see is only 4% of all that actually exists.

Can this visual help us to be more understanding and supportive of each other, of ourselves, and of our place in this world? There is so much yet to be discovered.

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