The Human Body: A Well-Oiled Machine

The human body is an amazing vessel. It holds your physical organs as well as your thoughts, emotions, and of course, your spirit.
Recognize the way your body supports you day in and day out. Your feet hold up your entire being, your knees bend and stretch, your hips twist and turn, your arms reach and your fingers hold. We fall down and we get back up. We get hurt and over time, we heal. And to top it off, women’s bodies are capable of growing human beings. Just think of the miraculous machines that we walk around in every day.
But although we ask a lot of our bodies, we don’t always give as much support in return. None of us want our human “machines” to end up tired and rusty. To help our bodies run as well-oiled machines, treat them right. That’s all it takes.
The analogy of a newborn usually hits the point home. Would you feed a newborn a cold bottle from the refrigerator? No, you’d warm it first. We know that warm drinks are easier to digest. It’s one way to give our babies a tiny dose of TLC. Would you bring a newborn out in the cold weather without dressing him properly? Again, most of us would agree that this is not the best way to support a baby.
Jim Rohm authored a quote that has since been used in many places for many purposes: “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” This is truth. You have one body in this life. The way you care for it—for your whole mind-body-spirit being—is how it’ll serve you. If you’re hard on it, it’ll be hard on you; and vice versa.
So go through your day today treating yourself as if you are a new baby. Drink and eat warming foods. Dress warmly. Be kind to yourself. Take some time just for you—to replenish and nourish yourself from the inside out.