4 Natural Ways To Get Rid of Cramps

Got cramps? A few simple changes in your diet  and lifestyle can naturally ease those awful pains surrounding your menstrual period.

Cramps are the result of a cold essence being trapped in the body, particularly in the uterine area. Generally speaking, pathogenic cold prevents energy and blood from flowing smoothly or freely – almost similar to water freezing into motionless ice.  When your monthly period occurs, you’ll feel the impact of this “frozen” energy and blood – resulting in painful cramps!

Some ways you can prevent and get rid of cramps: 

  1. Eating cold food, raw food, and iced drinks introduces cold into your body, so avoid them when possible, especially before, during, and after your period. If you’re a sushi aficionado, follow the Japanese tradition of eating pickled ginger or shiso with raw fish to warm its essence. (If you have to have ice cream, have hot ginger tea afterwards!)
  2. Eat more warming foods and spices. These include ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, rosemary, scallions, garlic, chives, leeks, hot soups, hot chai tea, lamb, fennel, shrimp, most squashes, pumpkin, cherries, raspberries. Indulge in pumpkin or cherry pie (baked foods have a warmer essence) or grilled lamb rack with rosemary.
  3. Bundle up in cold windy weather, especially your legs and abdomen, even in air conditioned environments. Wind is cold’s partner in crime, pushing this pathogen past your skin’s defenses.  If you get exposed to cold, warm up afterwards with hot tea or a hot shower.
  4. Use a hot water bottle, hand warmers, or hot baths to ease cramps. Strategically place them about a hand’s width below your belly button or on your lower back.

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