How to Indulge While Avoiding The Holiday Bulge

It’s that time of year – time to give thanks for the abundance of holiday love and joy, as well as all the goodies that will soon expand our waistlines!

In the spirit of staying healthy while still enjoying the holiday season, here are some practical suggestions on how you can “have your turkey and eat it too” without worrying about the Ghost of Holiday Bulges Past.

  1. Do eat a sampling of all your favorite foods and goodies – but stick to the 90% full rule! This gives your stomach a break and a chance to properly digest all those rich holiday foods.
  2. Use a smaller plate to fill up on turkey and stuffing (while leaving plenty of room for your favorite green bean casserole and stuffed sweet potatoes). Studies show that people tend to eat less and serve themselves smaller portions when using smaller plates.
  3. End every meal with hot tea or spiced hot apple cider before going out for that leisurely walk around the block – this helps balance your stomach function for better metabolism and less cravings (bonus: going for a walk stimulates the Stomach meridians in your legs for improved digestion).
  4. Don’t skip dessert – life needs sweet – but see if you can be content with a couple of bites of pie or splitting a piece of cake with your niece AND your nephew. Chew slowly and enjoy, while filling that other 10% with love and gratitude for all that you give thanks for…

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