Have Faith: There is Always a Solution

Have you ever planned an outdoor celebration just to look at the forecast the day before and see 100% chance of thunderstorms? What would you do next—plan a rain date, change the location of the party, or have faith that the weather would cooperate? We all know that weather changes as the clouds roll in and out; it’s certainly hard to forecast. But an impending storm (especially one that is forecast for the entire day) is not a great omen for a backyard barbecue.

This very situation happened recently. A rain date would have been possible, but the cake would have needed to be reordered, as well as the food. And who would have eaten what was originally ordered? Too much waste. The location could have been changed, but guests would have needed to be notified and the cost would have blown the budget. Too last minute. The only thing left to do was to stop worrying, stop looking into other options, and simply have faith that it would work itself out.

The next morning—6 hours before the start of the party—the forecast had remarkably changed. 100% chance of thunderstorms had turned into 10% chance of rain with only sun in sight. All of that energy spent worrying about “what to do if” was wasted. The party went off without a hitch and—even better—without a single raindrop.

The moral is this—have faith. What seems impossible and completely out of your hands is that way for a reason. Every problem almost always has a grand solution hidden somewhere behind the clouds.