Kitchen Healing Cabinet

Pinole CookiesPinole (pine nuts) and almonds have great healing benefits. Pinoles help strengthen the Kidney Qi, while almonds are beneficial for improving Lung function. Both of these ingredients (and more) in a healthy, simple to make cookie!
NOURISHING FLOWER TEAThis soothing tea gently aids Liver function while cooling any kind of fever, headaches, or eye symptoms, while strengthening Lung function to keep your immune system strong. An amazing superfood used for centuries, goji berries strengthen Liver and Heart function while improving eyesight, blood, and immune system function.
HARMONY TEAA time-honored digestive aid, fresh ginger warms your Stomach energy while re-balancing Lung and immune function. Adding a squeeze of lemon and refreshing mint rejuvenates your Liver function, while raw honey soothes and benefits the Lung and Large Intestine.
DANDELION TEADandelion greens are ideal for detoxifying the Liver and supporting Liver health.
SCALLION HEALING PASTEDo you have a skin rash? Is your skin itchy or is it infected? Apply this traditional TCM remedy for soothing relief.
SCALLION AND GINGER TEAThis traditional healing tea is very effective for colds with a headache, runny nose and chills.
SCALLION COMPRESSThis ancient and authentic TCM recipe is beneficial for abdominal pain, difficulty urinating, and PMS.
WATERMELON JUICEIf you find yourself drawn to a juicy slice of watermelon on a hot summer day, trust your intuition! This staple of nearly every picnic is nature’s gift to cool us off. Yet few people in the West know that watermelon has been an important healing food in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for thousands of years. TCM practitioners use this fruit medicinally to treat kidney infection, liver disease, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. The essence of watermelon is cool, so it can help decrease internal heat, relieve thirst, and because it has the ability to increase the frequency of urination, it can help the body release toxins. Used topically on the skin, watermelon is very effective for overexposure to the sun.
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