Celestial Showers Tonight

The best meteor shower of the summer of 2021 will grace our skies tonight into tomorrow morning, with dozens of shooting stars each hour. Perseids bring large, fast meteors that leave a trail of color and light in their wake. They also present the opportunity to see fireballs–meteors with long, bright trains–in the sky.

With a new moon starting off the week, the moon will only be 13% illuminated on August 11, creating the ideal scenario for meteor watching. Find a place with little to no light pollution and sit back to observe this heavenly show. Plenty of meteors and fireballs will be visible–as many as 50 per hour!

This celestial movie will be best after midnight EST, August 11, and will peak during the wee hours of August 12. While this is the best viewing time, the Perseids can be seen until August 26.  If you live in a location with a lot of light pollution or interference, hop online to the Virtual Telescope Project, where the meteor shower will be streaming live, starting at midnight tonight.

Join us in standing meditation as we hold The Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth during this energetic gift from the skies.

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