Energy Interconnections

In the last hundred years, modern physics has given us a clear blueprint to understand breast cancer from the energetic level. We now know from quantum science that everything at the subatomic level—the level of energy—is interconnected. In fact, when you look at anything at this level, there are no “things” at all, only interconnections. Likewise, relativity theory has forever changed our concept of how reality is structured. Einstein’s famous equation, E = mc², has revolutionized how we look at energy and mass: mass is nothing but a form of energy, and both are interchangeable.

The question is this: Why can’t we approach breast cancer and its prevention using concepts of modern physics? The traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) model of prevention works because it is based on the same principles of modern physics proven to be true and used today in state-of-the-art Western breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. These principles reflect the understanding that everything is about energy and everything is connected. This means we cannot focus only on the cancer, which begins at the energy level; we must also look at all the interconnections and relationships that exist at that level.

Prevention and Empowerment

TCM recognizes and addresses the early warning signs of this disease before they manifest in the body as cancer. This ancient, holistic medicine views this condition from the energetic level. It understands there are invisible but very real connections in the body that can have a tremendous impact on a woman’s health.

This complementary model of prevention encourages women not to wait to learn they have breast cancer. It teaches them to be proactive; it shows them they can actually do something to prevent breast cancer or its recurrence. In essence, true prevention does not focus on cancer but rather on creating good health, which stems from a place of balance.

Through TCM practices, women are empowered with the tools and knowledge they need to promote lasting health. When a woman understands the process of breast cancer from the energetic viewpoint, she discovers that everything in her life—body, mind, emotions and spirit—can impact her body’s energy system and is therefore completely connected to her state of health. And when a woman acts on this wisdom, she takes a very powerful step on the pathway to true prevention.



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