Avoid Allergies by Aligning With Nature

Did you know most people can avoid allergies for good by restoring and rebalancing their relationship with Nature? It is very doable with the right treatment approach. If we see hay fever or allergies from an Eastern perspective, we can see it as a symptom. A framework based on contemporary healthcare looks at this condition from the outside in and focuses treatment on the symptom. It is true: pollen can create physical effects that bother you, but why do only some people, like you, get hay fever? Why doesn’t everyone have this problem?

The TCM framework sees things differently. It looks at hay fever or allergies from the inside out. It’s about you, your immune system and your ability to connect smoothly with Nature’s predictable energy transitions. Seeing this situation from a different angle allows you to take different actions. What’s the answer? Change your relationship with Nature by correcting imbalances in your organs’ functions, particularly the Stomach and Kidney. Acupuncture and herbal therapy along with lifestyle changes are very effective in healing the root cause of hay fever and seasonal allergies.


Excerpted from Digesting the Universe: A Revolutionary Framework for Healthy Metabolism Function

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Our Dragon’s Way Qigong program utilizes Qigong movements, an eating-for-healing plan and an understanding of TCM theory based on the Five Element Consciousness Framework. In this 6-week program, you’ll realign yourself with Nature and its seasonal messages and begin to look at your body from a different perspective–one that views symptoms as messages from the body.

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