Blake’s Story: Emotional Cleanse

I went to see Dr. Lu for the first time in early October of 2017. By then I had been suffering from heartburn and acid reflux for over three years. It had reached the point that I was resigned to suffer the unbearable burning sensation in my chest that woke me out of my sleep, and crippled me throughout the day, at every meal…perhaps for the rest of my life?

I had seen a nutritionist who had recommended a gluten free and alkaline diet. By this time, I had already been eating alkaline for a year–eliminating coffee, alcohol, tomato soup, etc. The nutritionist also recommended prescription strength digestive enzymes, and a very expensive test to determine my food sensitivities. After two consultations I did not feel better at all. I was referred to go for an endoscopy on October 6th, but a few days before, a last-minute opening popped up for Dr. Lu.

During my visit, I described my symptoms, the duration of the problem, and my frustration. Dr. Lu listened patiently before smiling and sharing with me that I should cancel the endoscopy. He explained that they certainly wouldn’t find anything because the problem was much deeper than what could be viewed on the test. It was deeper and more complicated than diet as well. The root of the problem was in the communication between my organs, caused by years of suppressed sadness and stress. I knew immediately that Dr. Lu was right. Through the process of this consultation and one acupuncture treatment, the ever-present burning sensation in my chest began to alleviate. I had the immediate sensation that someone had laid a cool towel over my chest. I left the session feeling energized, lighter, and happy.

By my second or third visit with Dr. Lu, the physical heartburn and acid reflux symptoms were gone. But understanding their root cause had unearthed many years of emotional suppression, and made me aware of unhealthy patterns related to my processing of emotions and stress. These were the actual issues, and changing these patterns was the work that needed to be done.

I realized around this time that I had been a functional depressed person for awhile. I became married to my sadness and regret. It had become an integral part of who I was. However, if I could learn to truly accept that I was meant to experience all that I had, I could let it all go. It is less about a catharsis than a subtle shift in perspective.

That the physical is symptomatic of the emotional is evidenced  by the fact that my heartburn and reflux cleared up way faster than the sadness it left in its wake. I had stopped believing, had stopped hearing God’s voice, and was a sad person masquerading as a happy person. Over time, it had finally worn me down.

Realizing this has changed not only my health, but my life. I feel more connected to God, spirit, and life’s infinite possibilities than I have in a very long time. I am working toward not feeling afraid anymore. Dr. Lu is wise and I am so lucky to have this healing in my life.

-Blake Scotland