3 Essential Tips to Banish PMS For Good

Do you struggle monthly with PMS and a difficult period? By simply making a few lifestyle changes to rebalance your emotions and body, you can significantly reduce menstrual cycle related symptoms and possibly eliminate them entirely.

Contrary to popular belief, emotional and physical difficulties during your monthly cycle are not inevitable facts of womanhood. A healthy woman naturally has a symptom-free period. Menstrual difficulties—before, during, or even after your cycle—is a signal that your body is over-stressed and out of balance.

Instead of covering up symptoms with painkillers or birth control pills, try these practical, all-natural tips.

  1. Visit an acupuncturist for a check-up. Acupuncture, herbs, and Qigong practice can all effectively address women’s health issues by treating imbalances and disharmony in the body.
  1. Find healthy outlets for stress. To counteract the effects of stress on your body, use this time-honored emotional cleansing technique: scream into a pillow, have a good cry, then laugh or smile afterward.
  1. Pain (no matter the location) indicates that there is a cold essence trapped inside. Heat does wonders for the body, both externally and internally. Add warming foods to your diet such as ginger, turmeric, cinnamon. Be sure to cook your veggies and dress warmly in chilly weather. Place a heating pad on your lower belly if you are resting at home. When on the go, bring a portable hand warmer with you and position it in your pocket, near your belly.

Welcome, Soup Season!

Fall and winter are quite possibly the easiest times of the year to prepare warming meals. Simply saute some veggies, add water or broth, some mushroom seasoning, and plate away. Need a more directed approach to dinner? Visit our recipe page for some great soups and veggie dishes to add to your rotation.