A Woman’s Health in Balance

TCM has a unique specialty when it comes to understanding breast cancer: location. Unlike Western medicine, TCM can explain why 50 percent of all breast cancers are located in the upper, outer quadrants of the breasts. It’s related to the meridians (energy pathways) and organs that are associated with this breast area: the Stomach and the Liver.

So a great part of TCM’s preventive strategy when it comes to breast health is to create vibrant health, which means addressing any and all symptoms related to dysfunction in these two organs. When these signs first appear in a woman’s body they are relatively easy to treat; when allowed to persist and worsen over time, they can lead to more serious issues like cysts, masses, and even breast cancer.

Do you or any of the women you know have any of these early warning signs? If the answer is yes, it’s wise to be proactive and address them with appropriate TCM treatment in a timely way.


Signs of Liver function disorder 

Your Liver communicates to you when it begins to fall out of balance. Here are some important signs: all menstrual issues (PMS, painful periods, irregular cycle, breast tenderness, lumps or masses in the breasts), infertility, yeast infections, migraine headaches (especially on the sides of the head), anger or unstable moods, ulcers, acid reflux, bad breath and/or a sour taste in the mouth, indigestion and bloating, chronic fatigue syndrome, hypertension, eye problems, nail issues (dull, brittle nails), tendon problems, bruise easily, and cold hands and feet.


Signs of Stomach function disorder

Your Stomach also sends you clues when its function becomes impaired. Here are some major symptoms of imbalance: digestive disturbances, food allergies, lack of appetite, hypoglycemia, stomach bloating, overweight condition, bruises easily, migraine headaches (particularly across the forehead), cold and/or sweaty hands and feet, hair falls out easily, vaginal discharge, sleeping problems, and constant worrying.