You are Limitless—Life is Limitless

You were born to this Earth with every good intention. You have the power of the sun, moon, stars—the entire Universe—behind you. Do you ever stop to think about that?

A few months into this life, you began to crawl and then walk, and later run. But you are not meant to stop there. You are meant to soar! Life is as limited or as limitless as you make it. Do you want to write a book, climb Mount Everest, travel to a new part of the world? What’s stopping you?

You may name family, work and other responsibilities. Sure, these are considerations. But there is always something that you can do to set yourself on the path to reach your true potential. Think about what makes your heart sing. What brings you to tears or fills you with joy? Go and do that. It could be as simple as picking wildflowers or as invigorating as rafting the Colorado. Whatever you do, wherever you go, surround yourself with love and happiness. Choose to be in the company of people who are creative, free-spirited and joyful—people who help bring out the very best in you.

And when the time is right, and you are able to truly soar, go at it with full passion, knowing that a limitless road is unfolding right before your eyes.